So this Halloween I really wanted to be a zombie, and after researching on YouTube I compiled together my look! This is how I am creating it, I am aware this is based on some videos done, so I will link them below for you guys to see a better version! My full look will be up next week at some point. Hope you can gain some inspiration, or just laugh at my transformation!

Emma Pickles:
Pollyanne B:

Step 1: I started off by applying my base. I mixed my regular Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in 100 Ivory with some white cream make-up I bought at a Halloween store. It is best to use as light a colour as possible that isn't pure white, you want to look dead but not too fake.

Step 2: I then began the process of contouring my face and neck to look more bony and sunken. I interchanged between using a dark red cream blush from a pallet and my Wet N Wild Cherry Bomb lipstick. Using a dark red colour is good to start with as it makes the skin look sore. Place this colour in all of the hollows in between the bones on your neck and above and below your collarbones. Also add it to the contours of your face; cheek bones, temples, nose, forehead, cupids bow etc. When contouring my cheekbones, I made sure to make it very prominent and brought it right down around my mouth. Of course add it generously around your eyes in the socket. Blend your work with a fluffier brush, but it does not need to be perfect.

Step 3: Next I took a dark brown eye shadow, pictured and highlighted above, and went over the work I just did. This creates the shadows you want, making you look dead. No need to be precise, I wasn't, just make sure you keep the bones quite white so that the stand out.

Step 4: At this point I filled in my eyebrows using that same dark eye shadow, but that is totally optional, I imagine zombies aren't too bothered about how their eyebrows look! I then went into the same areas again with an even darker brown shadow, just to give more depth to the shadows I was creating. I concentrated a lot more on my eyes with this colour, going right into my crease and creating bigger bags under my eyes. I made sure to get right into the inner corner, underneath where the nose meets the eyebrows, to make that really dark as that makes you look really tired and makes the look authentic.

Step 5: Time for some colour! I grabbed the dark purple/grey colour from the first pallet and went back in once again to my eyes, making them look bruised. You can also add this around your other contours too.

Step 6: Taking a red eye shadow, also from that pallet, I put this on my lids and lower lash-line, to make them look sore and sickly. I also used a pink lip liner on my waterline to make them look even more bloodshot.

Step 7: Now it is time for the black! I added it all around my eye, concentrating on that inner corner area. Top up the red after this step if you need to, as I found the black diminished the affect of that. Make sure to blend everything together here to make it look like it is your skin and not sitting on top of it.

Step 8: Something I loved from the tutorials I linked was adding in some veins. I used the same red colours from the start with a small angled brush to draw in small jagged lines in random places on my face. They need to be quite faint, so make sure to be light handed or tap them a little with your finger to blend them out. At this point I added some mascara to my eyes also, since I was going for a Zombie Girl. Smudging it onto your eyes would add some texture too, I think I will add this on the night.

Step 9: Now I was looking pretty creepy, I moved onto the lips. This is important as zombies are eating brains so your lips need to be chapped, bruised and bloody. Make sure your lips are paled out by your base. I used my Cherry Bomb from before and added it to the centre of my lips, using a lip brush to put it into the lines of my lips so they look dry. I then used the purple/grey colour again and dabbed it on and around my lips to make them bruised.

Step 10: Now for the best bit, the blood! I added some fake blood to the sides of my mouth and to random places around my face. Use a brush to splatter it if you can. Then you are done with the make-up!

For the costume, I wanted to go for a schoolgirl/cheerleader vibe. I bought a plain white t-shirt and ripped some holes and put some random colours I used on my face all over it to make it dirty. I wrote Sucker across it as a Charli XCX reference! I added a blue skater skirt for that school look. I will be ripping up some old black tights and wearing black heeled boots. Blood will be added to the shirt and I will be contouring and paling the rest of my skin also.

I also did a bite on my arm, as someone had to bite me for me to become a zombie! I created this by:

  • Adding a yellow eye shadow all over the area, then a green one inside of this.
  • I put the purple I used earlier more in the centre where the bite will be.
  • I used the dark red to make a circle of teeth marks.
  • Blood will be added in the centre and around the wound.
This is a way to do it without liquid latex or Special FX if that's not your thing!
I threw my hair messily into pigtails with some scrunches and that's my costume complete!

Let me know of you liked this tutorial type post and if you would like to see another one before Halloween! Also, comment below what you are planning to dress up as this year?



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