"the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes."

That is the definition of feminism. This week, many people across the world, both male and female, were struck by Emma Watson's profound speech at the UN for the launch of the #HeForShe campaign. I am never the type to express my opinion for the world to see like this, but I felt a responsibility to do so here.

All my life, all of our lives, we have lived in a world where men and women have been expected to conform to certain stereotypes, so as to feel 'normal' and be accepted. In the past decade, there has been a movement to stop this, particularly by feminists. For some reason, which I cannot understand, stating that you are a feminist has become a very taboo thing to say. The lack of understanding people have of what that means has led to distaste, and a spread of negative energy. The fear people have of change, or being themselves as a result of spending their whole life in a bubble, has caused us to stay static and not move forward to a better place. We as a human race, live on a beautiful planet which we take advantage of and destroy. We also destroy each other in war. On top of that, we confine ourselves to boundaries.

I won't spew that I love freely and am my whole self at all times, I am not. I am a victim of this culture, along with everyone else. 

Emma's speech was profound in the sense that it came from a place of understanding and knowledge. And also, compassion for the fact that none of this is easy, but that it is time for change. 

I am aware that there is bigger problems than equality, such as war in the Middle East and climate change, but we must start somewhere. If we can all accept each other for who we are, we may be able to work together better to change the world.

If you haven't heard Emma's speech yet, I highly recommend you do, no matter what your opinion is. 

Hope you all have a great day!


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